Anyone Else Have a "Business" In Their School Days?

I remember when I was like 12, I used to sell loomband bracelets at school lmao😂But my niche was I had a loom band watch- and I remember I sold that and my highest earnings were £5 then nobody else wanted to buy from me so I went out of business lmao😂😂

I remember other kids, would sell snacks and stuff- and like one thing everyone would sell at my secondary school in 2014/2015 was Lucazade like you'd just be walking in the hallways minding your own business and some older kid would just come up to you like: "Wanna buy a Lucazade?"

But I remember, one of the kids who sold snacks was my cousin's best friend from primary school- so he knew me pretty well from him, and whenever I'd buy from him sometimes he'd give me discounts lmao😂😂

I'm curious if anyone here did stuff like that back in the day?😂
Anyone Else Have a "Business" In Their School Days?
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