Is it rude to ask "What's wrong with you"?

If you notice someone doesn't look well, how to ask it politely?

Do you prefer only "What's wrong?" or What's wrong with you is fine?
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Believe ot or not, this sentence was taught on the local cable TV. I just found a new channel last night.

From most comments, something like "Are you okay?" seems simpler and much better to ask. I was asked "What's wrong with you?" once. Then I was in silence, asking myself what's wrong with me? Lol 😅. I don't really know what to reply back because I will be analyzing the asker's intention. The good thing is I learn to say this to other people to be safe.

Thank you very much everyone.
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*Oops. I learn to beware and betrer NOT to say. Haha
Is it rude to ask "What's wrong with you"?
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