I told on a coworker/crush now he is mad at me?

I posed this on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/j5bz4d/aita_for_telling_on_a_coworker/
It's been almost a month and Matt is barley speaking to me, and now he refuses to work with me. He won't tell me, but he's been telling our other coworker, Juan (M30) that he (Matt) is tired of me not lying for him because he keeps getting in trouble.

Here is where I am still conflicted on whether or not I am the AH: Matt could have told our boss about a lot of things that I have done, including misplacing an IPad, but didn't. He kept telling the boss that I was doing a great job and any errors or mistakes, he kept between us. I didn't know this until recently. Now, I'm not saying I run and tell the boss every time Matt makes a mistake. I do cover for him, and I have gotten away with it plenty of times. Sometimes (pre-covid), Matt would clock in and leave until it was time to clock out for lunch. During those times, our boss sometimes came in to check on us. When Matt wasn't there, who do you think got questioned?


I got questioned. "Where is Matt?" "How long has he been gone?" "Did he clock in?" "Is he at lunch?" "When was the last time you saw him?" "When was the last time you saw him?" I pretty much kept my answers the same: "He was here when I got here/ I was here first and haven't seen him since." Matt never knew about this, however, I didn't want him to think I was overreacting or anything. I never lied to the boss, I really didn't know where Matt went, he just took off. And like a couple of weeks ago, I answered the questions without much context. I've never lied for Matt, just covered.
I don't know friends. Maybe I should start lying, but it doesn't seem right. Honestly, Matt lying about my progress this past year has really hindered me. I asked the boss for more training time and he said I didn't need it because Matt told him I was doing really well, when I wasn't.
Should I just have my partners back and lie for him?
I told on a coworker/crush now he is mad at me?
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