Though that I found a promising job lead then it went cold?

had saw it online on indeed , applied cause it said they were " urgently " looking for someone and it was close part and only part time hours.

someone from the company replied back and asked me a few screening questions , such as if i had a drivers license , past experience , clean driving record. none of which was an issue

yesterday i did a phone interview ( was suppose to be a video interview but didn't work ) with someone else , he asked me a few different questions and such but when i asked about a possible start date he got less committive and said in a few weeks. only if i was selected and (that he had to interview other people later that day) and passed other back ground checks , he also said other guy would reply back to me by end of yesterday but never heard anything back from either

so i assume its going cold fast and i might as well just forget about it entirely , i have this pattern of finding job leads on indeed which sound promising , getting interviews then never hearing back afterwords , its like as soon as they meet me or i start talking things go south
Though that I found a promising job lead then it went cold?
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