Is it ever too late to change your life around?

I’m about to start a new career, my first professional career.. as I wasted my 20s in meaningless jobs and not knowing what I wanted. I am currently still living at home which makes me feel awful as I feel so old. I have savings but not enough to move out. I could rent but then I wouldn’t be able to save.
Iv spent the last 2/3 years living in the past regretting all my choices, feel ashamed at the person I was when I was younger and feeling ashamed at how lost I was and immature.

Right now I do have a better head on my shoulders but I feel like it’s too late ( I know it sounds very negative ) but I feel like I lost my chance to be successful to be somebody. My new job is great and I can progress further and do well and Iv had very good feedback from colleagues.. however I feel like I’m starting soooo old and alll I keep thinking about is how much money I’m gonna make and when am I gonna make enough to move out and live the life I want :(. These thoughts are constantly with me and I’m struggling to do anything to seat down and study ( as my job I in healthcare and I will always be studying ) Im Struggling to wake up and look forward to my day, to eat healthy and to go to the gym. I just don’t see the point anymore.

I also feel very sorry for my family as they are struggling financially and I feel like I can’t do anything for them... the stress is high everyone is overwhelmed. Also I have major anger issues right now I lose my cool so quickly... I used to have faith and believe in god and believe that things work out in the end but now I don’t even bother praying.

Also I am feeling like a man or imposter.. when I feel confident and act positive something in my brain is telling me to stop it :(, also I am CONSTANTLY comparing myself to everyone!!!

When I look into the future I have no idea what my life is gonna be like? I’m struggling to see positive things,

Anyone else been in this position with this life crisis/ age crisis?
Is it ever too late to change your life around?
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