Should I drop out?

okay i need more peoples opinions on my plan. im doing a btec business extended diploma right now (level3) and im in my second year, but with the pandemic and my mental health deteriorating i realised that the stress from college is killing me and that it really isn’t what i want especially since im not planning on going to university.

i want to peruse a career in Cabin crew for British Airways and so am hoping to get an apprenticeship and then work my way up and apply in the next couple years. i would have done it now but with the pandemic there is no vacancies and they aren't taking apprenticeship applications. (by the way, BA dont need qualifications just your standard gcses)

what im planing to do is drop out of college, do 3 a levels privately (just incase) and work. when apprenticeships open again im going to apply for it but in the meanwhile i’ll still be doing a - levels privately.

im not necessarily going off studying- im just doing what i think would be better for me and most definitely make me happier and work on myself

i need honest opinions from non biased people on what you guys think?
Should I drop out?
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