Can someone please help me?

please help me.. this is my story

Once I had an argument with a girl.. I just bumped into her and she cussed me and my mom. Called me a M*therf*Cker and stuff. I just had an argument with my mom the previous night and was already in a foul mood. I used even more terrible words towards her and i almost smashed her face.
This teacher came to stop us and i yelled at her. the teacher stopped talking about me.. and the others termed me as a "Retard". The semester passed by.. I could realise this teacher started to become more nicer and softer to me.
In the next semester she was too caring towards me. Did this teacher care about me? Was she genuine? She would try her best to praise me and get others to think good of me.
she would stand up for me if anyone passed a rude comment to me.. She came to me personally and wished me goodluck during my semester exams.
Can someone please help me?
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