Forcing adults to do things kicking and screaming?

lately i been noticing a sick pattern of having to force people to do things both figuratively and sometimes half literally kicking and screaming. for example getting a manager to file the neccessary paperwork (whether it be for medical reasons or real estate landlord tenant lawyer attorney situations) or a company where the ceo and other execs (intel with their 14nm quad core to 8 core pcie3 processors) have to be forced screaming to do things for the benefit of the company and it's customers. (i don't want to get into specifics on this) but it's getting way out of hand how adults are acting more like children each day and children are forced to become more adult like rather than being able to enjoy their childhood more. has anyone else noticed this that if you don't yell and scream at someone they won't listen and won't do it out of spite and out of sheer stupidity?
Forcing adults to do things kicking and screaming?
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