What should I do about this job?

so I got this job that pays around 3 dollars an hour I went to training and then I worked for one day before telling the manager that I needed a schedule change due to college classes she told me that she was going to send them to me last Sunday then she said that she going to send them to me another day and then she told me that she wasn’t going to work this week and wants to teach me some things so I’ll have this week off. It’s Monday and the restaurant opens up on Wednesday and I still haven’t gotten my schedule texted to me. I spent a lot of time signing up for jobs and the reason why I settled for this 3 dollar job was because I felt like I didn’t have many chances since I’m extremely shy, stiff, bad at eye contact, barely smiles, and don’t have a lot of experience (I've been turned down before from a job because the manager said that I wasn’t confident enough to be a cashier) and this job is also super close to me I also wanted this job because of experience so that no other job will underpay me again because of my experience. Those people there seemed nice and I unfortunately only got to work there for a day and I didn’t do very great because it was my first time working in a restaurant taking orders and stuff I was very confused/ nervous but I still tried. I’m guessing maybe they don’t want me there even though they didn’t say anything about firing me. Should I just wait? Or do these people not want me there? (This job is closed and mondays and Tuesday’s by the way)
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On my first day I was confused about what to clean, I wasn’t really told what they weren’t selling so when a customer asked for something I didn’t know that they didn’t have it, I struggled with packing the food in the bag ( I put it kinda vertically), I really tried though even though I was new to everything I tried to take orders through the phone, operate the cashier, etc. it was all just new to me
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I texted them today and I got my schedule on Thursdays I will be working for nearly 4 hours and on Sunday I’ll be working for nearly 3 isn’t this too little or is it just because I’m a beginner?
What should I do about this job?
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