Finding it hard to move on from a recent job dismissal - any tips?

- I worked (remotely) for a company for 6 months - and was unceremoniously dismissed 3 weeks ago.

- I’ve been left hurt/upset by an ‘ out of the blue’ dismissal, and the reasons that were given.

- I’ve completely lost my confidence and can’t quite seem to find it within myself to find another job.

- The job was 4 in 1 (personal assistant job,, Project manager, HR assistant and a PA to 7 people). I was paid minimum wage.
-The job required me to take minutes for 95% of meetings, + I worked 40 hours a week.

- I was speaking on calls, for the rest of the time.

- The reasons given for dismissal are below :

(1) My colleagues switch their camera on daily. I switched my camera on once in a while.

- I catered a meal for a 6 people. The catered ensured that each meal covered all restrictive diets (per meal, served in a buffet), and was good quality food.

- One of the attendees didn’t want to disclose his specific dietary requirements to me, but wanted me to personally cater for him nonetheless.

- He refused my offer of asking the caterer to create a bespoke meal for him, and advised me that my conduct was “disrespectful” and “unhelpful” and “invading his privacy”.
16 d
I didn’t understand the logic so I forwarded the email exchange to our manager - for advice. My manager advised me that he was “unreasonable”. 3 mths later, that same manager dismissed me because of the above incident, and advised me that I was “defensive” -that I should’ve said nothing or catered to his needs. They’ve also refused to pay me for the last two months pay as a result of this. I don’t understand it and I’ve been left really hurt and unable to move on. Any views?
Finding it hard to move on from a recent job dismissal - any tips?
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