Guys I have a problem. Please I need advice on something?

So I don't know why I am starting to feel a sense of jealousy within myself. I don't think it's jealousy man or what do you guys think. Give an honest opinion. When I see someone who has something better than I am I feel a sense of jealousy but sometimes I stop and tell myself that :'God gave that person their blessings and desires and it's not about me, it's about them. They have worked hard for what they want so why should I feel jealous. I have my own life and I have my own blessings and I'm on a different path then they are' that's what I know in my heart but I still feel a sense of awkwardness or sometimes people think I am jealous of them because I don't compliment them or they don't get that :'Congratulations' or :'You look pretty today's from me. I'm like this :'I am not a fake a person, I wouldn't tell somebody you look pretty if it's not on my mind or congratulations somebody if it's not on my mind' so I have no idea why I am this way. I just feel like I'm a terrible person. I want to be better and I'm trying to be a more a better person , a friend but what if somebody did you wrong?

I'm thinking about my life and I've even had so many suicide thoughts because I always feel like I'm not beautiful enough, I'm not happy, I am fat, my tummy is fat I can't wear the clothes I want to. My family isn't supportive enough. I have all these thoughts and sometimes I even cry myself to sleep because I have nobody that motives me or talks to me like :'Heyyy congratulations', nobody claps for me when I did something or achieved something? That's why I always feel like I didn't do enough.

If anyone can advice on what to do? Any motivation? I just had an interview the other day and I feel like it didn't go well and I was so nervous but I prepared myself because I really desire and want this job because it would be a stepping stone for myself to start over. To do things I want to do with my life.
Guys I have a problem. Please I need advice on something?
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