Should I keep it or drop it?

Hi! So I'm an A level student and my subjects are math, physics, chemistry and economics. I'm going to university next year and will be studying electrical engineering most probably. I have my exams next year in May, but economics has been getting harder day by day.
Till we were studying microeconomics it was okay, but macroeconomics is so hard, at least for me and I can't make the connections between topics even if I understand the topic individually. I had assessments a few weeks ago and got it's results back, A* in chem and math, A in physics but a D in economics. I've asked friends but everyone has a reason to tell me something, so I guess an outside opinion would be helpful because not keeping it doesn't effect me a lot as I'm not going in that field but then I think maybe it'd look bad on my application that I dropped a subject. So guys please help 🙏🏼
Suck it up and keep it!!
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Should I keep it or drop it?
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