Any tips for potential roommate plan?

Okay so me and my friend talked about being roommates after highschool for the sake of saving money during college years. She plans to go in person but so plan to do college online so I'll have more time for my pets and working plus lectures aren't my thing and I don't do well with retaining information for extended periods of time. We went over it and we'd split the bills and rent, she does food, I do internet and cable and yea so that's about 1000 in bills, food and rent each. Now I haven't considered medical shit and all that because I'm not that far yet but right now as it stands for me I don't have my licence or a job yet and we have 1 year left of highschool after this. Any tips or anything that can help push me towards the potential of the roommate agreement to get me ahead (I know a job and a car+license so don't say that)
Any tips for potential roommate plan?
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