How do I deal with jealous female bosses?

A recurring problem that I faced is female bosses who seemingly don’t care for me even when I am nice to them or follow their instructions. The managers (always female) would make me jump through hoops in the work environment, stacking on unnecessary responsibilities and even far fetched rules. I ended up quitting every time because they made it harder and harder for me -I feel as a ploy to get me to quit or to find an excuse to fire me. I currently work at a restaurant where the same issue became apparent. Yesterday, unfortunately, the situation got out of control when I tearily confronted my manager and explained that her expectations of me were too low and that I felt she was looking for problems in the way that I work, and she was ignoring my work ethic. She talked her way around my personal feelings and explained to me how she felt I was not “succeeding” because basically I wasn’t noticed by HER for doing helpful things or being team oriented and she made it seem like I am lazy despite the fact that it’s simply not true. My coworkers vouch for me that I am one of the most helpful people in the building. I realize that while my job is extremely easy to replace (it’s a simple serving job), I made a huge mistake by expecting a female boss to have a sense of compassion for me by criticizing her personality. I know that I started a countdown to find another job yesterday because I just gave her a reason to hate me when she didn’t have one at first. I’m going to be on my best behavior until I get a different job, but the dilemma remains. If I quit, this will be the THIRD time I left a job because I felt sabotaged by a female in a position of power who I can only assume are insecure and taking it out on people who shine a light at their OWN insecurities even if it’s accidental. I want to decide on a career but the issue has never been whether I can enjoy a job for life. To me, I don’t want to land at another company where my boss will be jealous of me.
How do I deal with jealous female bosses?
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