My work makes me feel so unmotivated to even go. What should I do?

With my work place, I started early September. Whenever I started, I liked the 7 am to 3:30 pm kind of job. That's a lie. I got there, and they were working 10 hour shifts. Monday to Friday. 6 am to 4:30 pm. I got into my work place in the wrong state of mind. I came out of an emotionally abusive 'relationship.' The guy and I were talking for a bit of time. With what I do at work, it's been the same thing... over and over and over... I'm standing in one spot.
I'm doing the same thing, again.. Some people CAN do that. With my work spot, it's hard to even use the bathroom. I mentally have to tell myself to hold it before I could go.. The times I would go, I'd have to RUSH myself through. I've always had a job where I was more active.
I left an email to my supervisor about possible moving me, but I do not think they will. Without sounding egotistical, I'm the fastest one they got. They've told me that...

I haven't been happy in warehousing, but it's hard to live on your own. I've been wanting to go to college in January, but the mindset of being unhappy at work. It's draining me! I know others have it worse, but what kind of high paying jobs are out there? BESIDES warehousing.

I sometimes wake up in the mornings with a bad headache. I have no motivation. I'm nervous that they're not going to move my position. My bet would be to save up for PTO, put my two weeks in once I find another job. I use to work early morning jobs, but I have NEVER felt like this before. The 10 hours are hard on my body, doing it 5 days a week. Standing in one spot for 10 hours is just mentally burning me out, quickly.
My work makes me feel so unmotivated to even go. What should I do?
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