My son's teacher gave him this advice. Should he listen?

Just FYI, I have no college degree and have worked as an administrative assistant for 8 years, so I need to know if this is something my son should do:

Because of COVID, a lot of schools, like colleges and community colleges and stuff, are going virtual. My son said his English teacher (she's young, like 29 or 30 I think) does something every Tuesday call 'College Talk Tuesdays' where they talk about careers, student loans, college apps, trade school, straight out of school work, etc. She told the class something they should consider since they graduate in May is attending a community college their first year because it's cheaper and mostly every major takes the same entry level classes with the exception of maybe one or two classes specific to a major.

She said that if universities close in the fall again, then they won't be paying nearly as much for classes that will be reverted online, which was a major issue for college students last year. She also said that it would be a good option anyway even if COVID wasn't a thing because community college credits transfer to most accredited (not sure what that is) colleges, and employers really don't care about freshman classes like entry level English, math, and science.

My son wants to know if this is a good route or idea for him. I can't help him pay for college and he wants to go for engineering. Apparently her brother is a chemical engineer, and she told him that the books are the most expensive part (one engineering book was $750 for him). So he's thinking of going to a community college to take some entry level classes and work and save money his first year for a 4 year university. Is this a good idea? Should he listen to the teacher? He said she told him she'd help him look up community colleges and do his applications since that's what they do every Tuesday in her class anyway.
My son's teacher gave him this advice. Should he listen?
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