Straight A’s or Enjoyment of youth?

I don’t want to brag or anything like that but all my life, I’ve been told I was an underachiever when really I tried so hard to succeed in school, being social, being healthy, etc. I always wondered why I couldn’t become perfect. I wouldn’t fail but I was just an average joe and nothing scares me more than being average. Finally, I get an answer to all my problems and that’s ADHD. I could never focus in school. I could never focus in conversations and just zone out. Now, my life has started getting better with what I like to view as a second chance with medication and if I got this far with this disadvantage, I know I can kickass with treatment. Months pass by and I do start performing better at school, I start engaging more with my co-workers who viewed me as the “weird kid” thanks to my impulsivity. I work full time at school and work but I can’t seem to balance studying, working, and being an enjoyable human being for others. My parents can’t support me financially and I can’t fail in school. After every solution comes more and more problems, what would you do in this situation? Without money, I can’t afford my share of the rent and my diet and without grades, I’ll be stuck being a soulless cashier with “Life is Good” by Drake, Future playing in the background as my thoughts skewer towards regret and anger of not discovering this earlier. I am 18 and need a year and a half left of school. College is my option too. Thanks in advance!
Straight A’s or Enjoyment of youth?
Straight A’s or Enjoyment of youth?
Focus on school and try to get less hours at work even if you are just working to pay rent.
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Focus mostly at your job since you can maybe become a manager, continue being friends with your co-workers, and getting that bread!
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Try to balance both. It’s okay to miss an assignment and get a day off sometimes! Stay determined!
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Drop out of school and just go learn a trade. Secure that bag!
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Quit that job and suck up the looks of disappointment from your family with a chance to surprise them with a diploma.
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Straight A’s or Enjoyment of youth?
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