Which internship opportunity would be the best fit for me?

I'm going to be doing a practicum at a social welfare organization in a while. The agency has a list of opportunities.
What I'm hoping for is a hands-on, people-centered internship where I am able to directly interact with people, focus on their cases, listen to their stories, and problem-solve. I am particularly interested in working with people with mental illnesses or really any population, but would really prefer people-focused work rather than accounting or other administrative work.
  • ___ Homelessness and Community Services (Community resources for people with low incomes or who are homeless; housing search and homeless shelters for individuals and families)- assisting staff in homeless shelters, support housing and housing services center. Assisting homeless families and individuals with housing search, assisting children in shelters with homework and play, helping with other operations. May also assist with other tasks and community services like coordinating donations, attending meetings, writing grants, participating in the homeless count.
  • ___ Voices Against Violence (Services for battered women and rape survivors)- provide services to victims/survivors and loved ones. Services include 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling/advocacy sessions, legal/medical support advocacy, emergency safe home and shelter residential program, education/training services. After attending a training program, interns will answer the hotline, assist clients in court system, and/or provide support to the residential program.
  • ___ Early Childhood Education (Child Care and Head Start)- See firsthand how a classroom operates, educate young children, talk with professionals about experiences in. Child development program serving low-income children and families with goal to increase school readiness.
  • ___ Residential Services (Mental health and substance abuse services)
Which internship opportunity would be the best fit for me?
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