Is this a crazy idea?

The only thing on the itinerary for the spring semester is the practicum to complete my human services certificate.
I am hoping to someday get a graduates degree in psychology.
At the community college I currently am enrolled in, some of the classes I already took count towards their liberal arts: psychology and sociology degree. That means I'd have 14 classes to take to achieve that degree.
Is it possible to get straight into a graduate program when I am done with my current practicum, or should I have an associate's before transferring to a 4-year? I have already taken some classes such as intro to psychology and human growth and development that I'd hope would count towards a 4-year degree.
So I am thinking that if I should get an associate's before transferring to a 4-year, I will do several of these in the upcoming spring semester where I only have the practicum, and then just 2 more semesters full of classes if I can manage that.
Or if I am able to get into a 4-year program, could I start classes for that at the same time I'm doing the practicum next semester (dual enrollment)?
Is this a crazy idea?
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