How do I not compare myself to people?

Hi everyone I don't know if that question makes sense but basically I'm trying to attend law school but I scored low on the lsat which made me feel worse about myself. I also noticed that everyone around me passed the test and meanwhile there's me. As a result, I deleted any forums, influencers, and muted friends on social media cause they scored high on the test. I plan on taking the test again for the second time in April but im afraid im going to do bad again. I also have a learning disability and standardized test aren't my thing. So does anyone have any advice or words of encouragement to help motivate myself.

P. S I also avoid people who ask me what did I score 😑 i had to lie about my score cause I didn't want people looking at me different. My university vp even asked me my score and I lied to him cause he said no one in the history of he school failed the lsat. So I lied about my score.🤷🏾‍♀️
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Also please do not come on here with rude advice or smart ass comments or you will be deleted
How do I not compare myself to people?
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