Stillno diplomaim 20 y'all oof?

is it bad that I'm 20 and don't hey diploma yet I was a straight clown in high school never took it seriously then after going from continuation school and being a slacker in that then adult school same type of energy towards my education. i had left a year and a half ago from adult school moved out moms matured I've changed a lot since then in school I always wanted to be everyone's friend now I've become the complete opposite i enjoy being alone so now I can focus but even now im still renting a room stressed depressed blah blah but I don't know I just want to get the motivation to go which I do but I still am out of school plus I didn't need to many credits but now I feel like what if I don't remember anything I don't know I have two little brothers I have to look out for in the future I dont want to keep stalling ya know?
Stillno diplomaim 20 y'all oof?
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