Moving to a different state for college?

This morning I spontaneously decided to check my emails. To my surprise, I got an acceptance letter to a university. One of which is in a different state.

This question is mostly directed at Australians, as we mostly never travel between cities unless we’re corpo.

Anyway, this is my first offer but not my first preference, but it also might only be my only choice.

The college in question is located in a highly dangerous area. Now I don’t like in the safest place either, but I for sure have never heard guns blazing. Apparently there’s a lot of illegal shit, and it is located near one of the worst cities (which had been in lockdown for around 6 months).

I do have family in the city, but I’ve never personally met them. And I tend to hold anyone related to my father at arms length. I don’t even know all of their names.

I just don’t know if moving to a different state is the best decision.

((My account is anonymous so nobody can find me))
Moving to a different state for college?
Moving to a different state for college?
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