How do I beat the it girl of my school?

i’m currently a high school senior and am extremely jealous of the it girl of my school. before y’all call me toxic, she's not what she seems to be. we used to be friends two years ago and she’s one of the most dirtiest person y’all can ever encounter in life. so basically we stopped being friends after that and for some reason she always seems to get everything in life. she has everything. she’s gorgeous, she’s tops the class and she’s very rich. she’s fake too. no one except me knows how dirty she is coz she wears a fake mask and everyone refuses to believe that she isn’t what she seems to be. she’s a manipulative person. she uses everyone to her own advantage. however people just love her so much because she’s confident and gets what she wants despite being dirty as hell. she talks ill about everyone behind their backs but some how talks like they’re her long lost best friend when the person she bitched bout goes and talks to her. she has a very disgusting personality but she somehow is so good at fooling people that’s she isn't a snake. she purposely got together with my crush of three years knowing that i still like him. everytime i compete with her u just lose miserably. this really affects my confidence and she makes me insecure as hell. I don't know why but y’all are gonna think she’s the good person now coz that’s how it usually is. whenever i tell anyone about her they all just jump to a conclusion that i talk shit about her only coz i’m jealous. yes i envy her a lot. who wouldn’t. she’s literally the it girl of my school and i really wanna take her place. i don’t have much time left. i just wanna show her that i am capable of getting good grades and i can be better than her. she literally brainwashed everyone into thinking i’m the bad person and i have no friends now. all the teachers love her and tend to show favoritism all the time. oh god someone please help me. i don’t go to school coz the schools are shut down due to the damn pandemic
How do I beat the it girl of my school?
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