Would you ever consider a career at the CIA?

Would you ever consider a career at the CIA?
At the CIA, the challenges of today’s fast-paced global changes present opportunities for exceptional careers. Our intelligence mission is the work of the nation — and our success depends on a network of professionals around the world.

Myth #1-You’ll Never See Your Family and Friends Again.
The work we do may be secret, but that doesn’t mean your life will be. The variety of CIA careers is similar to that of any major corporation. So…your friends and family will still be part of your life.

Myth #2-A Glamorous Lifestyle Awaits You.
Working at the CIA doesn’t mean you’ll be jet-setting around the globe, attending parties with billionaires and showing off your Tango skills. In reality, we depend on administrative managers and staff for our operational success, at home and abroad.

Myth #3-Hardly Anyone Ever Makes it Through the Background Check.
Because of our national security role, CIA applicants must meet specific qualifications — but, don’t worry. Getting caught smoking in high school isn’t enough to disqualify you. Your intellect, skills, experience and desire to serve the nation are most important to us.

MYTH #4-If You Don’t Speak A Foreign Language, Forget About It.
Just because CIA officers in the movies are required to speak fluent Farsi or Mandarin to do their jobs, that doesn’t mean it’s a requirement to obtain a position within the CIA. But, if you ever have to learn a foreign language, we’ll teach it to you.

MYTH #5-Only Those Who Have Been US Citizens For Generations Can Get A Job Here.
We believe that Americans who have lived in or visited foreign cultures have an inherently valuable understanding of the world from outside our nation. So, although US citizenship is required for employment, we remain committed to building a diverse workforce.
Would you ever consider a career at the CIA?
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Just to add to this question for some individuals that are confused, the Myths are COPIED AND PASTED from the CIA official website CIA. GOV in their Career section,

I Do not Work or Claim to Work for the CIA, or any Federal/ international agencies.

I am not a "Troll" or "Master Spammer"

This is merely a question about if you would ever consider working for them.
Would you ever consider a career at the CIA?
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