I wonder what I said/did wrong in the interview?

I wonder what I said/did wrong in the interview?
Yesterday I went to an interview with a fast food place and I arrived there on time and at first I froze and was confused who was interviewing me but then I went with the two ladies. I suck at eye contact but I looked at her in the eyes (but not the other lady just the one that was asking me questions) then I looked away when I was thinking about what to say. She asked me for me email I gave her that, she asked me to tell her about myself and I just told her “I attend this college and I currently study business administration, that I’m willing to work hard and dedicate my time to this job, and that I used to be a hostess in this other restaurant then she asked me what happend there and I told her that they weren’t very consistent and they weren’t really giving me hours. She later asked me for when I’m available I told her that I’m available Tuesdays, Thursday’s, and on Weekends she responded back saying that that was perfect because they needed someone to work 3 days and that if 20 hours was okay with me? And to that I responded yes. Then, the interview finished really fast and I said thank you and have a great day too and left. I was nervous and might have stuttered a bit when I told them that I was willing to work hard and I just said whatever went through my head I’m pretty sure I messed up somehow I just don’t know how maybe someone could give me tips for next time? I have two interviews left this week I really hope that I get a job.
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I also asked them if there was any other information that They needed and they said that the email was okay and thank you. I just don’t know what I did wrong maybe someone could help me figure it out? This is the second interview that I failed the other one was on October and the manager even told me “let me help you” and that I didn’t have enough confidence but this time I tried even more I was nervous though. I wonder what it is about me that is never good enough for these jobs.
I wonder what I said/did wrong in the interview?
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