What do you think of colleagues who pretend "smile" at you?

I find my colleagues are ill-trained, rude, ignorant & all around very, very suited for the minimum wage they are paid. What "skill" they have is mostly due to on-site training & that in itself is often lacking - none of them can train worth sh*t. The senior staff spends more time gabbing or shifting work off to temporaries, students, etc. than doing their jobs (if they did do their jobs they wouldn't feel so overworked).

I am at this job more as a favor for the business owner than for actual work as I have a unionized job that pays my suited wage. Do I feel guilty or something taking a minimum wage job for another nitwit worker? No. Because if I did this place would go under... the owner's running himself into the ground trying to compensate for the staff. Why he hasn't fired them? His wife is HR & is of the same personality as them (two-faced, etc.) so they're all sort of friends, and as they bitch to her about him this gives her a sense of power in an industry she knows little to nothing about.
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What do you think of colleagues who pretend "smile" at you?
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