What to do if my boss won’t let me quit?

About a year and a half ago, I took on a part time job teaching children from a different country online. If you know what vip kid is, it’s like that only a smaller, independent company located in my city. I have a full time job as an elementary school teacher, and I have also started graduate school a few months ago. I have made the decision to quit my part time job for several reasons: 1. I have a lot going on right now. 2. My health, weight, etc. has declined in the past year due to stress and working 7 days a week. And 3. The woman who runs this company has treated me like her slave. She does not take my availability into account when scheduling, she texts me a million times a day, she micromanages me, any time she miscommunicates or messes up information, she blames me, etc. much of this year I have had to wait up to 2 months just to get my paycheck. I actually quit in November, and she offered to get rid of some hours for me. I told her I would work the new schedule until after Christmas break (yes, I know- I shouldn’t have agreed, but I did). Ironically, all the hours she took away, I was back to teaching within two weeks. Now, I have once again sent her my two weeks notice and she is not taking it well. She refuses to accept that I am done working for her. She says I need to find people to work for her, and she is also once again asking me to continue with less hours. She said I need to find her 2-3 people to fill my spot. No one I work with wants to do it, and none of my friends are qualified, let alone want to do it. I have refused to continue to work for her past my end date 3 times in the past 3 days. (These are via email by the way. I do not see her in person). Is there anything else I can do?
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Thank you for the responses! I guess I should have mentioned that there was no contract. I work, fill out a time sheet, she sends me a check in the mail and around tax time I file under independent contractor. To hire me, it was a phone interview and my friend who referred me told me what to do lol. Very casual.
What to do if my boss won’t let me quit?
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