Do you think I need a therapist?

I had this guy friend, I don’t really know if this was sexually harassment but he would flirt with me all the time and at first I was into it and then it started getting annoying, and I told him that he wasn’t my type and I wanted to be friends. And in class he would touch my thigh and I would tell him to stop and he wouldn’t stop touching me. He would always stare at me. He would stalk my stories on my Instagram too. I regret this sooo much, but I wanted to kiss him and I kinda got myself drunk, I was super curious on how it was going to go. I told my friends that I had alcohol before all this happened and I kissed him and he grabbed my butt and my vagina. And I felt sooo violated, like I wouldn’t wear leggings for a month and I stopped eating for a month. Like I felt disgusted with myself. I also have dreams about him as well. This isn’t the first time something like this happened to me I would be touched by his teammates as well. Like his teammate would touch my face and my leg after I would tell him to stop he would still continue. Another teammate groped me during PE.
Do you think I need a therapist?
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