If you were me, would you soundproof or sell your place?


Help I am really in a pickle and I think I’ve asked this before. This time around, my realtor is getting involved and sounds like things are about to get serious. I feel like the unluckiest person, I bought my first floor condo a year ago and love it. The only issue is I cannot stand the noise coming from upstairs, there’s only one person living up there. The place is owned & run by property manager, the tenant upstairs rents. Prior to her, there was another guy living up there and the noise drove me crazy. It’s the walking that causes the floor to creak, opening of doors/cabinets and hearing conversations up there. I’ve complained to both tenants and the same shit happens. They’re quiet for a few weeks and then go back to the usual, there’s carpeting by the way. I don’t have much money saved and am banking on my income tax/family money, I’d be getting money as well if I were to sell my place. I was considering soundproofing, which may be cheaper than selling the place and moving. My concern is, I’m not sure if soundproofing will reduce the noise, I want it down to at least 75%. I just also don’t want to soundproof such a small place & the market is hot atm. What would you do if you were me?
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If you were me, would you soundproof or sell your place?
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