Is it shameful to switch majors after a year?

So I finally found another major I want to do that is much more me, but I've been on a major for a year and I see this as starting all over, which is frustrating.

However, the school is eight hours away from my boyfriend and family. I was planning on moving in with my boyfriend soon, but he has a job interview in another city and chances are good that he will get the job. If he gets it, we won't be living in the planned apartment, so I saw this as an opportunity to switch majors. I really want to live and be close to him, but as said, this school is far away. I haven't brought this up to him yet because I want to see of he gets the job first. If he doesn't, he will begin university this fall, probably in the area we live now in the apartment. I just don't know if I want to keep living and studying here.

Can someone give me advice?
Is it shameful to switch majors after a year?
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