How do you avoid procrastination caused by anxiety?

I recently came across something on social media that resonated with me. I've struggled with procrastination since high school. The poster was talking about how kids who are considered gifted as children are more likely to procrastinate as adults. The reason is that the kid picks up on the fact that people think that they're smart, and they therefore internalize the idea that intelligence is something innate, rather than something that can be worked on. Therefore the moment they have to do something that actually requires effort they panic, and procrastinate due to anxiety, because they worry that if they try and fail then they will expose their self as a fraud.
How do you avoid procrastination caused by anxiety?
I was considered gifted as a kid. I was speaking full sentences at nine months, was reading at a fifth grade level in kindergarten, and used to get pulled out of my classes to work on more advanced material. The first time I took the practice SAT, I was eight years old. I was one question away from a perfect score on the math portion.

I also realize that I have more reasons to panic about schoolwork than that. My father used to put a lot of pressure on me when it came to school. When I was in elementary school, the punishment for getting a question wrong while studying was to get locked outside in the snow, when it was pitch black out, barefoot in the tank top and shorts I wore as pajamas. I also have asthma which is set off by the cold. A basic understanding of Pavlov makes it obvious that that could create some anxiety around school work. My mother wasn't all that great about it either. They both constantly called all my classmates stupid.

Whatever the cause, I now have a serious problem with procrastination. I get away with it, but it's not sustainable. I try to set a time to work, but then I take the work out and I panic and feel like I can't breath, so I say I'll put it away until later, but the same thing happens later, until eventually I'm writing a ten page paper two hours before the due date.
How do you avoid procrastination caused by anxiety?
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