Am I wrong to refuse my best friends boyfriend a job?

Okay so I am 23, so is my best friend.
I am the projects manager for a machine and conveyor company. Only the company belongs to my step father so it's not without luck that I got here. However I do work and always have. Before I started for the company, at previous jobs I've consistently worked 60-80 hours weeks. A 40 hour week for me is LAUGHABLE. But that's why he hired me. I'm a workhorse, always have been. As is my boyfriend (30M), who was hired at a forman, so even he is under me in position.

My best friend is a college drop out (I didn't go to college myself, so that alone isn't the issue), she REFUSES to work because she doesn't want too and lives with her parents. Also she's pregnant. Her BOYFRIEND is 24, and has so far ALSO refused to work and lives with HIS parents.

I can't stand him. He treats her bad, cheats on her, goes weeks without communicating with her etc. Now from a business stand point, these things can be over looked if at least had any kind of work ethic.
HE DOESN'T. It's been 7 months since my friend got pregnant and he hasn't even attempted to find a job. So when my friend heard I had a couple openings she keeps insisting I "interview" him and give him the job.
Thing is, this is a hard business. We work 70+ hour weeks on the regular, and we've got an incredible team. They're all sharp, motivated, punctual and often times ASK for the hours. (We pay $18+ to START). It's good pay with plenty of hours. The money would be great for her especially with a child on the way.

However I have a business to run, not a charity. I have every reason to believe that he won't actually be willing to work. He seems the type to think "my girlfriend is buddies with the boss I'm immune". And I don't feel like he deserves the chance or the pay considering his lack of work ethic. Not when someone more fit might need the chance.
Am I wrong to deny him the chance based on assessment of his previous behavior and work ethic?
Am I wrong to refuse my best friends boyfriend a job?
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