Who do you think is more educated?

The Theoretical Engineering Drop-out (ME) has 180 credit hours completed, some of which was additional math and science courses taken just to keep his GPA up high enough to keep trying to pass the real curriculum. The core curriculum requires, I think, 130-something credit hours in higher math and advanced materials science courses and physics courses to get a Bachelors in this field.

As I told my opposition in another thread, because she's ignorant of the facts, I can design and build electrical circuits from scratch, and I can design and build components of NASA and SPACEX rockets, and I can design and build components of space stations up to 10 kilometers in every dimension, and have already solved Mars mission disaster problems NASA has never even considered.

This came up because I was accused of being "uneducated" so when I told her tha tI was an Engineering drop-out, she claimed she had friends who "easily" passed Engineering, and based on her description of their job, I told her that was a TWO YEAR technical science degree, not a "real" engineering degree. The people who pass Theoretical Engineering at LSU and SLU are in the "Genius" to "Super-Genius" category. The people who FAIL the curricula are in the "Genius to Super-Genius" category. As only a couple dozen people per semester are enrolled in Theoretical Engineering, out of a campus of 40,000 students at LSU and over 15,000 students at SLU.

As soon as I figure out where my Theoretical Electrical Circuits notebook is, I'll post some photos of me solving the equations, which get more complicated than General Relativity if there are more than 2 resistors in the circuit.

Anyway, Atheists and other fake believers and pagans, the next time you call a Deist "Uneducated", make sure YOU aren't the uneducated one.

I solve Cosmology problems on my spare time for FUN for free. I debated physics and God's existence on professional physics forums for decades.
A five years drop-out in Theoretical Engineering (Major University) C- Average
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By the way, I did not make this thread to brag, because obviously I'm not happy I had to drop out of college. I did this because I'm sick of ignorant atheists calling me "uneducated"
Who do you think is more educated?
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