Can some please help me?

I’m frustrated. I’m trying to transfer from PGCC to Bowie State for Spring 2021. The spring semester starts on January 25th. I sent out my transcript to Bowie on December 15th. I spoke to a transfer admissions specialist at the school and they told me they would call me the next day with an update. The specialist never called me. I emailed the admissions office on Monday for an update. They told me, “Your application is in the process of being reviewed by the admissions committee. We received your transcript on 01/06/2021.” I still haven’t heard anything. I only have a little over a week left before the semester begins, and I still have not heard any decision from them. I made another appointment with a specialist next Tuesday. If I never hear from them before the 25th, what am I suppose to do? My GPA isn’t the best, even though it does meet the Bowie’s requirement. I still want to correct it. Am I bothering them too much? Should I just skip the semester? I’m so frustrated I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. Please help me.
Can some please help me?
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