Am I a bad student for leaving assignments missing?

Okay. I've always been a good student. I got As all through middle school, and I recently started high school. It's a day from the end of the quarter, and I've been working until 2 every night just to get work it. There's one or two classes which I'm assured an A if I turn in these late assignments I have or not. For my English class, I currently have an 100%. If I don't turn in this low weighted formative assignment, I'll still get a really good grade. I just honestly don't have the time to do it. Am I a bad student for just blowing it off and working on classes where I'm not guaranteed a good grade yet? I feel terrible but I just have too much to do. I could spend a few hours making sure I get a perfect 100% in a single class, or I could use that time to take my bio grade from a low B up to an A and studying for my hella hard math class
Am I a bad student for leaving assignments missing?
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