Should I be sad that the semester is over?

My first semester in college is over. Today was our last day and some teachers were thanking us and saying how great we were. Some people started crying and feeling very thankful to all the classmates. I feel like it's kind of absurd (absurd about getting emotional). I mean, sure I'll miss my professors, but we will see them on college when we finally get back and they´ll teach other subjects too (so there's a high probability we'll se each other again). The thing with classmates, we don't really know each other, I didn't even make friends. I don't know why they're sentimental about others.
I know, I may be rude. While I was thinking about all of this though, I started asking myself: should I be sad too?

Don't get me wrong, they can cry if they want to. It's their life anyway.
But, should I feel sad?
Should I be sad that the semester is over?
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