Black Swan Hurricanes by 2100. What do you think?

Using the basic thermodynamic equation, I derived the fact that if there is a 1C increase in Sea Surface Temperature, this allows clouds to build to a layer 10C colder, which increases thermodynamic efficiency of the strongest atlantic hurricanes from 39.8% to 43.3% AND the total amount of excess heat per square centimeter in the top 20 meters of water is 3635 joules.

I calculated this is enough kinetic energy to increase the wind speed of the strongest Atlantic Hurricanes from 185mph all the way up to 225mph... again with just 1C increase in SST. Dr. Kerry Emmanuel considers 250mph a "Black Swan" hurricane. by 2100, water near 30N off the coast of the Louisiana and Florida and Galveston will be 1.75f to 2.5f warmer, or 0.97C to 1.39C warmer. This could produce 235mph hurricanes by 2100 in Louisiana, Texas, mississippi, alabama, and Florida, and 160mph Category 5 hurricanes could make it as far north as New York by 2100.

However, 140mph "Middle Category 4" hurricanes are bad enough. At this wind speed, brick and stone masonry begin to fail. So if SST increases 1C by 2100, the typical 100mph Category 2 Hurricane will be replaced by a 140mph Middle Cat 4 Hurricane at the same location, increading damage potential by a factor of 15. So every Billion dollars damage a Category 2 hurricane would do at that location, a 140mph Cat 4 would do 15 billion dollars damage by 2100, not counting inflation and other factors..

IN the Pacific, over the next 80 years, the maximum intensity of Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons there will also increase by 40 to 60mph above present day wind speeds. This means Category 5 landfalls will become as common as Category 3 landfalls presently are, and Category 3 landfalls will become as common as "middle Tropical Storm" landfalls presently are.

The results of this is that coastal areas will become uninhabitable because hurricanes will average destroying any given city faster than it can be rebuilt.
Black Swan Hurricanes by 2100. What do you think?
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