Is my mom wrong in doing this to one of her students?

So my mom does online teaching during the pandemic and she is in her late 60s, she has been a teacher most of her whole life. Yesterday I was talking to my mom about an admission I had with a hospital, state laws about it, and if my doctor was right or wrong, etc.. not going into much detail about that.

Anyways my mom is Anti-LGBTQ, and as I was talking to her she bought up one of her students that is in 6th grade that she works with on her online class for art, saying she did not know if her student was Transgender or not or is Pro-LGBTQ because (her student, not mentioning name) like to be called by a males name when that student has a females name.

My mom was trying to compare how that would have been similar to me getting admitted to the hospital by the doctor's decision for some reason and how she would make decisions based on that student's art with the LGBTQ flag colors on different artworks with animals and stuff while other students didn't, and how she would not give full credit that students writing work and art because that student mentions LGBTQ and compositions it in their work.

She was telling me it in a manner as if I would agree with her when I've told her multiple times in the past that I don't agree with her on this topic. My mom was also telling me how she thinks her student is trying to force their view on her and her other students because of how much that student mentions LGBTQ in writings and does the LGBTQ flag colors in their art.

My mom also went on to say how she didn't know if she needed to report her student to the school administration or if it would come back on her for not reporting it to the administration. She was also saying how she did not tell that student about her views on the LGBTQ community and how she and that student has an understanding that she will not give that student full credit on their work if it continues. And she told me that the student is still persistent in doing so.
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My mom also told me that she didn't really have any requirements for her students on how they can compose their art and writings.

And also went on to tell me how she thought that students are was beautiful and she said "I don't mean to say it is beautiful because of what it is, but that student is a good artist".
Is my mom wrong in doing this to one of her students?
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