My manager told me off for discussing my salary?

I got this role because I wanted to decide on what I’d like to do for a career. I’m slightly overqualified since I have a degree and couple of years of experience but I was ok with taking a 10k pay cut as soon as I get to take time out and decide on what I enjoy. I’m 70% through my apprenticeship and I am nearing the date where I start applying for various roles within the company and externally. I’m quite certain I’d get at least one of them because I’ve performed very well and I’m miles ahead of all the new starters. I found out from another person that when he entered the role at a level above few years ago his pay range was in the £30-40k, which is what I already earn now. I reached out to HR to see if they can provide me with vague approximations for pay and benefits of the roles I’m interested in. However, they got back to me saying that they can’t share figures. This was ok with me but I mentioned it to my manager as we were discussing the next steps once my apprenticeship is over. He got annoyed and told me off for discussing pay and said that I’m not allowed to discuss pay in any regard. I should instead focus on making sure I have a position to apply for (he was mad).

Am I in the wrong for trying to find out what roles offer the best packages if I’m genuinely interested in more than one?
My manager told me off for discussing my salary?
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