I don't know if I am wrong or my dad is?

My dad keeps confusing me. I have a venture thats a sub of his company as he forced me to do it. I love the high of it. I admit i am lowkey lazy. Dad without my will also is forcing me to also make graphics and do some parts of the accounts for his company and claims to give me 500 dollars a month. Honestly its our own money circulating in while there is no outside income. If i dont do it properly he gets pissed at me, but if i use my brains its time pass. My dad gets pissed if im not getting a job but then forces me to do his. I got a job offer from a fastfood place that, if i pass the interview, will pay me around 1000-1200 dollars a month. My dad now says no and is like i can get more experience working for him and stuff doing digital marketing and stuff but when i try doing my own graphics he wants me to use canva templates instead. I told the employer ill come for the interview but I am so hesitant cause my dad has confused me.
I don't know if I am wrong or my dad is?
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