Which job should I work for?

My contract has ended but my colleagues helped me to get jobs which today I have to make decision. My condition are I’ll be working for 3 years then take my master degree and maybe start my own business.
I’m quite an introvert and get along well with older people.

The first job
- near both my place and my parents but busy traffic.
- My teammate in my old company helped talking with the new company to get me this job
- They were the first to accept me and I’ve already confirmed via email but not yet sign the contract
- admin job but has a change to grow in both Sales and Market fields and it is relevant to my old company.
- Older colleagues, I felt more welcomed when interviewed.
- offer higher paid with guaranteed bonus and birthday money.

The second job
- My colleague who I barely know helped get me the job
- the job is more active
- I’ll be working as a marketing coordinator doing research for new products and if it clicked, I’ll be the one who deal with that companies. I like how it sounds but I’m not sure if I’m active enough to be good at it. I’m not so good at doing research so that worries me.
- It’ll be a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone
- the colleagues are most young
- they offered a bit lower but as they’ve called me 5 times today, they raised it to match the first company, bonus as per performance.

Thank you
Which job should I work for?
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