Do you work from home? How can I stop working from home and social life?

I’m 23 and I have an online clothing business. I love it as I decide when I eat, I can rest on the sofa whenever I want. I used to spend many years at warehouse jobs since 5am in the morning. I suffer with anxiety & I lost weight couldn’t eat properly in 30 min & no breaks & ended up getting sick in most jobs. However now I’m getting tired be at home all day. I make full time sales weekly but some weeks is up & down & make less. I have only 3 days a week where I’m busy, customers pick up, I meet & talk with them outside, I go to store buy packing supplies, print labels at other store, go to post office, spend all day cleaning & packing, texting customers all day. But most days I do nothing only post on all apps & website waiting for sales. I get stress to be home all day alone & bored. I overthink & I need go out to see people to feel good have anxiety & stress be gone. I do hobbies workout etc. but I want be busy daily, go to meetings, events, deliver to more people, more sales daily where I’m super busy all week. I want soon have an employee that can come some days to my studio to work & we can be friends go out. I want a lunch break where I can be with a group of friends or eat with my team members. What do I do? I have no family no friends no cousins. I only see boyfriend once time every other week & mom some days. But I want my job to be more busy with social life. There has been business events with other girls but you need pay a lot of money & rn I can’t afford it as I pay rent for my studio home.
Do you work from home? How can I stop working from home and social life?
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