How can I stop feeling jealous from my friend?

I know it sound lame, someone shouldn’t really feel jealous of their friend and should be happy for their success. I love my friend a lot but the problem started when we both worked at the same place but in different teams. She’s successful woman and I always was happy for her till recently We switched teams “rotation” and the tasks that I used to work on went to her after rotation. I built that projects from scratch she took it when it’s almost done.. and she did the presentation on them. The management loved the presentation and applaud her for it I felt like disappointed, I did almost everything but the timing was bad, I transferred teams with her and the projects now are know and getting recognized and instead of me taking the credit she took it all and she got compliment from the manager saying she has “bright future ahead” I know she’s my friend and i should be happy for her, I hate myself for being jealous but I can’t help it.. now I feel disappointed and I’m afraid if I work hard again it will go to other person.. how can I stop myself from feeling jealous?💔💔
How can I stop feeling jealous from my friend?
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