I keep falling asleep in class 😅?

Okay so I take a class at 9:15am, and lately I’ve been having a hard time staying awake with it. Honestly I always fall asleep during the last ten minutes and then I wake up and I’m the only one in the call on teams. I’ve concluded that I’m just going to tell my professor that I just don’t shut teams down correctly if she ever asks, because I never do it for anyone else.
For more context, I usually close at work and get home around 11, and I have a really hard time going to bed before 2 or 3. I’ve tried cutting my caffeine, turning off my lights, etc. I’m starting to feel like a failure for that particular class, as it’s the only 1/4 that I do this in because it’s 1. Boring as hell and 2. So early in the morning for me.
Anyone have any tips?
I keep falling asleep in class 😅?
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