Why is there a stigma attached to being a tradesman?

I mean being a blue collar worker is not like what it was way back in the day, we are highly skilled people. We built the world and to be honest without tradesmen who would build your hospitals, put your natural gas pipelines in the ground. We don't work for free... and when we do work we work for what we are worth. Licences and tickets to boot affords us a living that can stretch far into the 6 figures. No school debt no piece of paper saying you have a degree in Gender studies and we don't have safe spaces out on the pipeline because those twinkle toed tooth ferry SJW would be well... Finding themselves unemployed pretty quick when they raise the issue about the need for a safe space when they get triggered.
So what's the deal, parents think that being a tradesman mean their kids were too stupid to become lawyers or doctors? When I work at a nuke station, I am paid about $45.00/hr for the month long training I have to take and these classes are not offered at university or college schools. When the job starts it goes up to $50.00-$55.00/hr Very specialized and we have to work with very expensive tools and robots.

I really wish the kids coming out of high school these days would get their stuck up little heads out from under mother's dress and get their hands dirty and taste what a man's work is. It does not include working at a desk with a suit and tie sitting in a chair with a full tube of preparation "H" in your top desk drawer a symptom of the excessive sitting contributing to Hemroid development. Yeah sorry no... I'm gona let the experts in the LGBTQ community answer that one.
Why is there a stigma attached to being a tradesman?
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