My mom knows I have ADHD but won't get me tested what should I do?

I have always known I've had a learning disability because I've always been so cut off from almost everything... my grades, social life, even my own self-image. I fundamentally flunked my freshman and sophomore year, and that's when I started searching the internet for an explanation. That's when I found out about ADHD, I almost immediately confronted my mom about it, and she said she thought I was right. I then asked if she would take me to the doctor and contact a school counselor, and she said no. She says that ADHD is genetic in my family and that they have all had to deal with and "get past." I accepted what she said, but I still kept on failing almost every test and quiz I took.
The more and more I asked about it, the more I'd get told you're just lazy, you're just trying to take the easy route, this will affect your future careers (I want to major in art, so why would it matter), etc. It honestly is a huge issue in our relationship. I'm now a junior, and I'm getting better grades, but I'm still doing bad on most tests and quizzes. I really want to get into a better college, but my grades are so bad ill probably only be accepted into a community college. I honestly think that getting tested now would be better than when I'm in college. What are your suggestions?
My mom knows I have ADHD but won't get me tested what should I do?
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