Why do I always get put on dishes at work?

So I have a part time job at a restaurant... and I always get put on dishes. Like every single day for my 4-7 hour shifts I get put on dish duty the WHOLE time. And yeah, maybe I get to fill up the sauces every once in a while or refill food containers but that's about it. My friend who got the job at the same time as me never does dishes and always gets to make the food and run orders. I'm not trying to be self centered about it... but tonight, I simply had it. I sat in the back and did dishes alone while everyone else served the entire time as per usual. At the end of my shift, my fingers were literally bleeding from how much I washed. I had to go home and massage & ice my hands from the pain. And what really pissed me off was that my coworker kept telling me to go faster about 4.5 hours in and I was thinking to myself "yea well how bout you do this for endless hours and go the speed of light." in Maybe it's just coincedence that I always get dish duty, but should I say something about it? Or just pain through it?
Why do I always get put on dishes at work?
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