Does creativity improve your listening skills?

I know a severely disabled guy who can barely make intelligible sounds with his vocal chords.

And I know a guy whose hand writing was often so messy I could not fully understand what he was trying to say.

Today, after at least a week of problem solving and brain training, I notice I’ve become far better at reading the writing I previously had difficulty interpreting and comprehending the speech of the man with damaged vocal chords.

Also, today I cut onions for my pasta lunch and I did not cry the way I usually did when I cut onions in the past.

I joined an art creation social club recently with zoom and I wonder if my hand eye skills are improving my eyesight and my ability to interpret visual data.

Or if my aggressive problem solving has made me better at interpreting language when it isn’t cloistered in traditional formats like the messy hand writing I mentioned.
Does creativity improve your listening skills?
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