Am I screwed in my career? Please this is urgent, help?

I want to be an actress and that's why I changed my major to something else.

  • Unfortunately my parents told this to a powerful man who is in contact with movie producers.
My parents are against me going to the industry. I'm not conservative and closed minded like them. I want my own life.

That man tried to stop me from pursuing acting Even the movie producer told me "if you want me to help you then finish your engineering degree first".

That man and producer tried to convince me a lot to finish my previous major.
But I still switched it because I felt VERY SUSPICIOUS of them.

I could clearly see that they were lying about launching me in film industry for my parents sake.
I also overheard them saying that 'she'll be an engineer only once she finishes her degree'.
They all played with my emotions, but I'm clever enough to not get trapped on their fake offer to make me a star.

But now I'm out for the mission to be an actress. Do you think they'll try to STOP me and do everything in their power so that I never become a star? 😲😲
Am I screwed in my career? Please this is urgent, help?
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