Past comes back to haunt me?

ok... got a problem... couple years ago in was at a bar playing a dice game with the bartender and a guy. Got drunk wound up showing naked pics from some modeling stints I did for extra money.

Whatever past is the past. Get a new job. Realize a month into new job the guy I showed pics to is my superintendent, hadn't met him prior as he was on vacation.

Well he told a couple guys in management about the "incredible" pics. I found out when I ran into a group of coworkers 10 days ago at a bar. One mentioned the pics. I wanted to hide or die on the spot. They were pressuring to see pics, which I wouldn't do. They tried to take my phone even.

Now I'm SUPER uncomfortable at my job. Should I mention this to my superintendent that he's put me in a bad position at work? Am I wrong to want to look for employment elsewhere?
Past comes back to haunt me?
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